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Finished my lease out on 8/31 it's 10/13 still waiting for my deposit. I've never recieved information about where my deposit is and what account and whether it is collecting interest. When u call the company, they get annoyed and never give u a straight answer. The entire office is rude and hateful. How does this place stay in business? Read more

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What joke don't give them money application fee! Straight steal your money. Meeting with lawyer to file discrimination lawsuit against them and home owner they say they talked to. Find another realtor! Read more

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RENTER BEWARE:They have a low BBB score for a reason! Believe it and run the other way!! If you look further the only reason it isn't lower is because of how long they've been legally robbing people, excuse me, in business... *Communication is horrible, no follow-up or follow through (I am sure if I owed them money their communication would be 100 percent) - Most of the time the phone # goes to... Read more

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i was approved for a property that i was told no one was interested in it after being approved when they called and took my money i was informed that they decided to rent to someone REMEMBER NO ONE ELSE APPLIED BUT ME THEY LIE AND AGENT PRETENDS HE KNOWS NOTHING STAY AWAY PLEASE still waiting for marvin to get in touch with me i was told by him that he will look into what or find us another place... Read more

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Our application was instantly and rejected without an investigation. Why? Because we owned our own home for 15 years and had no rental history. That is it, without a rental history we got instantly rejected. The mere fact that no one in the office would even consider talking to us about options was bad enough, but the mere fact that everyone in the office we spoke to were amazingly rude. I... Read more

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I was happy that they took our application fee and denied to rent to us at all after reading these reviews. They did us a favor, it seems. They will not rent to us, even though we qualify in every way imaginable, because we do not have a rental history. We have always owned out home. The people in the office were extremely rude and unprofessional. I was actually yelled at by Jennifer Wood- the... Add comment

I am currently in the process of looking for a new rental to move into and came across the ideal perfect home for our growing family listed by Sun Cove Realty. Being that rentals come and go so quickly, you think you have to be quick to jump on the rental to assure that you secure the property. I e-mailed Sun Cove Realty and ended up doing some research and came across this website with absolute... Read more

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We had them as our property management company for our house we rented out. They charged us $80 to replace 1 lightbulb. After that we advised they are not to do anything to our house without our permission. They are unresponsive to say the least. We have had numerous issues with them. The only person there that did respond and get things taken care of is Jan. Unfortunately when we decided to sell... Read more

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My roommate and I have had a terrible experience with suncove. The people that work there are incredibly rude and non responsive. I called on multiple occasions and never received a phone call or email. I had to constantly call over and over again just to be transferred to voicemail. The only helpful person that works there is in the office. Her name is Angie. She is sweet and helpful. We did not... Read more

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I paid $300.00 in application fees to be denied the rental. Suncove Realty received a very good review from our property manager and had no reason to deny us this home. When I called them to inquire about it, I was told the property manager gave them a bad review!!! LIES!!!! Just think of the amount of money this so called company is making on middle class people like myself!!!. I urge anyone... Read more

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