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We have had a horrible experience with this company. It began when we first moved into one of their rental properties, we were promised that things would be repaired and taken care of before we moved in and nothing was done. After being ignored and having to make multiple calls and emails we finally got some things taken care of. The company actually told us they paid one of their guys to do the stuff and it wasn't done. Then we found out there... Read more

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This company refused to return my $1850 security deposit for a rental home that was handed over to them at the conclusion of my lease. The home was professionally cleaned and landscaped at my expense. After months of being ignored, we gave up. My advice do NOT rent from them unless you are 100% okay with forfeiting your security deposit for no reason.

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Previously rented from Suncoast reality. Unprofessional and rude. Took forever to get my deposit back. Less than satisfactory

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My Family relocated from Sydney, Australia and needed short-term accommodation whilst our home was being built in Odessa, Florida. The lake house was exactly what we were looking for; a comfortable 'home' environment, in a relaxing/quiet neighbourhood with all the necessary amenities. Our landlords Mike and Pat were so accommodating to our needs, responsive to our queries and returned our bond within the week of hand-over. We are so very... Read more

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I have been a client of Suncove Realty for 8 years and I am here to say that I could not be happier. I have seen a lot of complaints and people get mad about refunds, application fees and rejections. Its time to wake up people! These homes are managed by Suncove but not owned by them, they belong to people just like you and I and facilitate the rental and do a lot of work for the landlord and the tenant. Realize that their service is free to you... Read more

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Finished my lease out on 8/31 it's 10/13 still waiting for my deposit. I've never recieved information about where my deposit is and what account and whether it is collecting interest. When u call the company, they get annoyed and never give u a straight answer. The entire office is rude and hateful. How does this place stay in business? Read more

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What joke don't give them money application fee! Straight steal your money. Meeting with lawyer to file discrimination lawsuit against them and home owner they say they talked to. Find another realtor! Read more

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RENTER BEWARE:They have a low BBB score for a reason! Believe it and run the other way!! If you look further the only reason it isn't lower is because of how long they've been legally robbing people, excuse me, in business... *Communication is horrible, no follow-up or follow through (I am sure if I owed them money their communication would be 100 percent) - Most of the time the phone # goes to a voicemail. *Customer Service is even worse.The... Read more

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i was approved for a property that i was told no one was interested in it after being approved when they called and took my money i was informed that they decided to rent to someone REMEMBER NO ONE ELSE APPLIED BUT ME THEY LIE AND AGENT PRETENDS HE KNOWS NOTHING STAY AWAY PLEASE still waiting for marvin to get in touch with me i was told by him that he will look into what or find us another place that never happened but since i was approved that... Read more

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Our application was instantly and rejected without an investigation. Why? Because we owned our own home for 15 years and had no rental history. That is it, without a rental history we got instantly rejected. The mere fact that no one in the office would even consider talking to us about options was bad enough, but the mere fact that everyone in the office we spoke to were amazingly rude. I told my wife about the experience so she called... Read more

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