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We have recently moved to a home we rented. Upon arrival at the house we were concerned because the home was very different than the home they sent pictures of.

After entering the home we called the agent because of the condition of the home. Lament floors were noticeable buckling, there were tears, dirt and stains in the carpets, bathrooms floors are filthy and ripped, there is wooden divider form lament to vinyl floor that is a couple inches high. The agent came and said basically it wasn't that bad but they would fix it or they would let us out of our lease but they were keeping our money, almost three thousand dollars. In the week since no one from the realtors agent's office has come out.

The dishwasher flooded the kitchen the second day we were here and they wouldn't even send anyone to clean up the water. Every day we have more problems. We have no working outlets in bathrooms, fans don't work; floors are major tripping hazards, roof leaks, drains are very slow, faucets are loose and leaking, there is no seal around toilets and last night we discovered there are rats!!!!

. I sent them a certified letter, emailed and called with no response.

Review about: Sun Cove Realty House Rental.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I just had the same experience. They sent me a check list when I moved out.

They specifically said to wash fingerprints off walls, and do not patch holes. Nothing about touch up painting. Then they deduct 400 bucks for touch-up paint. Got the carpets professionally cleaned, and they charged 300 bucks for "Acid" cleaning.

175 general cleaning, after i spent 3 days cleaning everything, with video to prove it. Guess its off to small claims court


Do Not expect to ever get your security deposit back these people out of tampa fl will take you for everything you have. If they replaced a light bulb it is a 25 dollar fee.

Everything is a 25 dollar fee until they have reached your full security deposit.

They expect to give you a crappy house and for you as the renter to return the house looking like a palace. PLEASE SAVE YOUR SELF AND DO NOT RENT THROUGH THEM


SPARE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE!!! Here is my warning to anyone wanting to rent through SunCove and to the Owners that want to use them as a management company. I rented through them for 2 years until the house was short saled. The owners have told Suncove to return my Full security deposit and it has been 30 days and Suncove won't respond to me or the owners. For the last 9 mths of my rental, nothing was fixed. At move out they told the owners I stole the furniture they left in the house but the owners had picked it up 6 mths prior so they knew I didn't AND they had notified Suncove before they came that they were taking it with them. Luckily I saved all of the emails from Suncove and the Owners to prove I didn't take it. I also kept the emails from the owner to Suncove to return my Full security deposit. Now the fight begins because Suncove hasn't returned it and won't respond to either parties.

I suggest to renters....If the house you are looking at is rented by Suncove, find something else if you can!!!

I suggest to owners....find a different Mgmt Company because the owners of my rental are trying to sale and Suncove had nothing fixed for close to a year.


We're in the process of trying to get our deposit back. If you have had a similar experience and can help, please contact me at:



Wow I wish I would have seen these reviews before I rented from Sun Cove. The reviews are spot on. Their service is the worst I have ever had to deal with in my professional or personal life. They surely don't deserve the 1 star I gave them. I will give them kudos for replacing the air conditioner the day we moved in but that would be the only positive I can give. Matter of fact if they had done their job they would have known the air did not work and could have had it replaced before we moved in. Instead we had to move in with the house over 80 degrees. If the air would have been the only thing they overlooked I could understood but there are so many other problems that it does not seem like they prepped the house at all. I have been here a week tomorrow and 90% of the problems have not even been addressed. Some of the problems are keeping us from unpacking all our stuff and has us living from boxes.

If you decide to deal with Sun Cove expect to have phone calls and emails not returned in a timely manner or not returned at all. The leasing agent will say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. Do your research before dealing with them, unless you want to feel the same pain I feel.

I believe Sun Cove considers the owners they manage for as their only customers they sure don't think of us renters as customers. :cry


Sorry you are having problems with your rental from Sun Cove. I know what a nightmare they are to deal with.

I hate to warn you about this but trying to get your security deposit is whole other nightmare. Make sure you have picture and document everything, including phone calls or emails.

I found that code enforcement to be very helpful. They will come out and force them to do the work , plus it looks good if you have to take them to court


I currently rent from them and at first they were a pleasure to deal with then the repairs start coming in and they don't ever want to fix anything!!!!!!! They are rude and disrespectful especially the "repair lady" Mandie!!!!!!!!!!! She is very nasty and acts like a bully!!!!!!!


Thank you for the review you posted. I had seen a house they listed and "loved" it right away.

However, due to your review and about 30 others like yours I will not be renting anything at all from them. I appreciate everyone that takes the time to inform the rest of us what it would really be like


Thank you for your review, we were trying to rent from them and fortunately we were able to back out, unprofessionals and disrespectful too

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